Industrial Engines

As you may know, R.A. Mitchell Co., Inc. is a full service company offering on-site or in-house Diesel Engine Service, Parts, Rebuilt and New engines for all types of equipment such as Read Screeners, PowerScreens, Lifts, Gradealls, Compressors, Industrial and Marine Generator systems as well as many other pieces of construction equipment.


Whether it is a new or rebuilt engine you may need, parts or service or perhaps on site emergency generator power ~ we would like to be your supplier.


Rebuilt Engines for Lister-Petter Read Screeners!

R.A. Mitchell Co., Inc. supplied over 3,000+ engines to the READ Corporation for the READ Screening Machines.  We are the only Company in the U.S. offering an exchange engine program for these Lister-Petter engines.  Some engines are in stock and available for immediate delivery! 


Spec sheets are available for a number of engines, if you do not see the model / HP you need, don’t hesitate to call on us.